Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-08-2018

Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for woman activist
(tags: saudiarabia death_penalty )
How do you like it, Elon Musk? ‘Impressive’ Russian inventions to rival Tesla’s space launch
(tags: Russia Spacex meme funny ViaDrCross )
Mum’s a Neanderthal, Dad’s a Denisovan: discovery of an ancient-human hybrid
(tags: humans prehistory genetics )
Napoleon’s defeat partly caused by massive volcano ‘short circuiting’ electrical current in atmosphere
(tags: volcano war France history )
Carbon Dioxide can have large effects on sleep and concentration - and can rise sharply at night
Shame meters are so expensive. Do five other Edinburgh people want to throw on £20 each?
(tags: co2 intelligence sleep )
Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs (in a week's time)
(tags: europe globalwarming led lighting )
Aeolus: Britain's wind mapping satellite lifts off (over a decade late, but hopefully the data will be worth the wait)
(tags: wind weather uk space )
Amazon tribe which has never had contact with the outside world seen for the first time in amazing drone footage
(tags: amazon brazil drone )
The war over supercooled water (and why researchers need to release their code)
(tags: software physics simulation fail research )

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Tags: amazon, brazil, co2, death_penalty, drone, europe, fail, france, funny, genetics, globalwarming, history, humans, intelligence, led, lighting, links, meme, physics, prehistory, research, russia, saudiarabia, simulation, sleep, software, space, spacex, uk, viadrcross, volcano, war, weather, wind

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