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Interesting Links for 22-08-2018

On Scots language, colonialism, history, and Disney memes
(tags: Scotland language history empire uk Disney meme )
A flagship tidal energy turbine has generated more electricity in its first year than Scotland's entire wave and tidal sector produced before it.
(tags: renewables electricity scotland ocean )
"Do you honestly believe that Britain is better off outside of the EU?" That was the question Channel 4 News asked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn six times...
(tags: Labour europe OhForFucksSake video )
Steep decline in student belief that God created humans, 32-year Australian study reveals
(tags: Australia religion )
Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests
(tags: Facebook racism germany )
Government launches new export strategy which...doesn't have any strategy in it
(tags: UK government wtf )
Women put off dating men who are 'too easy going' or 'too clever', psychology study finds
(tags: psychology relationships Intelligence niceness )
Sex, religion and a towering treatise on anatomy
(tags: anatomy history art humans )
15 large companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree
(tags: work Education )
New Attack Recovers RSA Encryption Keys from Electromagnetic Waves Within Seconds (from up to 20cm away!)
(tags: hacking security doom )

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Tags: anatomy, art, australia, disney, doom, education, electricity, empire, europe, facebook, germany, government, hacking, history, humans, intelligence, labour, language, links, meme, niceness, ocean, ohforfuckssake, psychology, racism, relationships, religion, renewables, scotland, security, uk, video, work, wtf

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