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Interesting Links for 18-08-2018

The Next Ten Billion Years
(tags: thefuture short_story scifi )
Job interviews are worse than useless (and so are academic ones)
(tags: interviews fail research psychology work academia viaSwampers )
Austerity doesn’t work. Here's a very simple explanation for why.
I agree with all of this other than the last couple of seconds
(tags: austerity economics video labour )
A list of things that are older than students starting uni in September...
(tags: age history funny )
HoverGlide – The World’s First Floating Backpack
(tags: viaSwampers design )
What fraction of Pennsylvania Catholic priests were child molesters?
(tags: Child_abuse catholicism usa )
Israel bars Gaza mother from accompanying 3-year-old son to chemotherapy
(tags: Israel children cancer OhForFucksSake )
Damon Lindelof on the new Watchmen TV series and what he wants to achieve with it
(tags: tv watchmen comics )
Mostly saving this for next time some idiot claims the American Civil War wasn't about slavery
(tags: slavery usa history )
Home Office keeps some asylum seekers waiting over 20 years
(tags: UK asylum OhForFucksSake )
Lot of stuff on the news about the impact of No Deal on UK road haulers and drivers. FYI the EU has published 68 documents that explain in detail the law that will apply to the UK, as a 'third country'. It is, of course, terrifying.
(tags: law UK Europe regulation doom )
Newton's first law as illustrated with a dog
(tags: dog video funny )

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