Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-08-2018

Babies in prams exposed to 60% more pollution
(tags: babies pollution )
Argumentative relationships open the door to disease: Study links couples' hostility and gut bacteria, inflammation in bloodstream
(tags: relationships microbiome inflammation )
Judge throws out challenge to Scots abortion pill move
(tags: abortion scotland GoodNews )
A Lesson From Germany on How to Cover Far-Right Leaders
(tags: Germany politics journalism )
Jeremy Corbyn wreath row explained
(tags: Israel Palestine assassination terrorism Labour history )
Not on your life: six means of science fictional transportation I would not use.
(tags: transport scifi )
Chris Grayling has no credible plan for 'no-deal' Brexit, road hauliers warn
(tags: transport UK Europe doom )
Pixel Objectness - spotting objects in photos automatically
(tags: photos vision ai )
Uber still losing billions per year, somehow still considered valuable
(tags: driving business fail )
How Star Wars was saved in the editing suite (I just learned a lot)
(tags: starwars video )
How Wakandacon, the first Black Panther-themed convention, escaped the fan con curse
(tags: conventions movies comics race )
Patrick Stewart: 'I find it difficult to know what Labour stands for'
(tags: Labour PatrickStewart )

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Tags: abortion, ai, assassination, babies, business, comics, conventions, doom, driving, europe, fail, germany, goodnews, history, inflammation, israel, journalism, labour, links, microbiome, movies, palestine, patrickstewart, photos, politics, pollution, race, relationships, scifi, scotland, starwars, terrorism, transport, uk, video, vision

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