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Interesting Links for 09-08-2018

Yes, the SNP’s dithering is making me angry! (An immigrant speaks)
(tags: immigration Scotland snp independence )
UK refuses visas for a dozen Edinburgh book festival authors
(tags: OhForFucksSake Edinburgh immigration uk books festival )
Theresa May has 'no clear sense' of how to handle no deal Brexit
Head firmly in the sand
(tags: UK Europe Scotland doom )
Salisbury Spy Poisoning: US Says Russia Was Behind Nerve Agent Attack In UK, And Will Impose Sanctions
(tags: usa Russia uk nerve poison )
We recently moved to Octopus energy, who have excellent customer service, are cheap, and I have 100% renewable electricity. Save £50 by signing up with this referral link
(tags: electricity uk )
Voters in region critical to Tory election victory swing against Brexit
(tags: polls uk Europe )
Georgia defends voting system despite 243-percent turnout in one precinct
No voting system which can't be manually verified should ever be used.
(tags: voting fail )
Inducing labour one week before due date cuts childbirth complications, ‘game changing’ study finds
(tags: babies health childbirth pregnancy )
She’s the world’s top empathy researcher. But colleagues say she bullied and intimidated them
(tags: bullying research academia )
Turns out you can't just copy other people's photos you find on the internet. Who knew copyright existed?
(tags: copyright europe germany law )
'Elitist': angry book pirates hit back after author campaign sinks website
(tags: books copyright piracy )
How Magic Leap's AR goggles went from a metre across to fitting on your head.
(tags: design Technology augmentedreality )
The EU Spent a Bundle to Unify the Continent. It’s Not Working.
(tags: europe money )
After almost a decade and billions in outside investment, Magic Leap's first product is finally on sale for $2,295. Here's what it's like.
(tags: augmentedreality review )

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Tags: academia, augmentedreality, babies, books, bullying, childbirth, copyright, design, doom, edinburgh, electricity, europe, fail, festival, germany, health, immigration, independence, law, links, money, nerve, ohforfuckssake, piracy, poison, polls, pregnancy, research, review, russia, scotland, snp, technology, uk, usa, voting

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