Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-08-2018

OpenAI's bots just thrashed some of the world's best Dota players
(tags: games ai )
French ports cut out of EU trade route after Brexit
(tags: france uk europe trade shipping )
It's Looking Extremely Likely That QAnon Is A Leftist Prank On Trump Supporters
(tags: WTF weird usa politics conspiracy )
We have entered the No Deal phase of the Brexit negotiations.
(tags: UK Europe doom )
GDPR: Secret black lists
(tags: privacy secrecy fraud )
Broadcasting live musical theatre takes incredible work
(tags: theatre video amazing )
Fox ‘tameness gene’ identified in 60-year study
(tags: animals fox genetics )
Women Die More from Heart Attacks Than Men Unless ER Doc Is Female
(tags: doctors heart gender )
Trump is saying that anyone trading with Iran won't be trading with the US. That'd be the whole of Europe then...
(tags: iran usa trade europe doom )

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Tags: ai, amazing, animals, conspiracy, doctors, doom, europe, fox, france, fraud, games, gender, genetics, heart, iran, links, politics, privacy, secrecy, shipping, theatre, trade, uk, usa, video, weird, wtf

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