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Interesting Links for 06-08-2018

Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer
(tags: airplanes business OhForFucksSake )
31 Signs You Have a Partner
(tags: list relationships funny horror )
I am definitely starting to feel this way about British politics
(tags: politics death funny )
Fairly sure I used to have some respect for the Telegraph as being a sensible paper of the Right
(tags: UK Europe idiocy newspapers )
Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador to Canada, considers Canadian ambassador persona non grata. Freezes all new trade and investment transactions with Canada
(tags: Canada saudiarabia )
Naomi Wu: My Experience with Sarah Jeong, Jason Koebler, and Vice Magazine
(tags: China technology journalism OhForFucksSake )
People frequently think they understand things when they must know how to use them
(tags: meaning viaCipherGoth psychology religion ethics )
Writers should be loudly boycotting Woman’s Weekly
(tags: writing rights publishing OhForFucksSake )
Far right racist thugs attack bookshop
(tags: books UK OhForFucksSake racism )
Fairly sure I used to have some respect for the Telegraph as a vaguely sensible paper. Not any more
Are there any right wing newspapers which are attached to reality?
(tags: UK Europe law newspapers OhForFucksSake )
Amazon’s tax is not transparent – and politicians let them get away with it
(tags: Amazon tax accounting transparency )
Elderly Men Escape Nursing Home To Attend World's Biggest Heavy Metal Festival
(tags: HeavyMetal age Germany festival )
People have higher Self-Control because they don't feel things as much
(tags: emotion hunger stress self-control )
"Skirt" - A Fringe recommendation
(tags: theatre edinburgh )

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