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Interesting Links for 01-08-2018

"What Happened When I Tried Talking to Twitter Abusers"
Which shows how pointless it is to engage with vile people.
(tags: Twitter abuse )
Ministers misleading public after denying that plans to turn Kent into a giant lorry park are because of Brexit
(tags: uk europe doom )
Labour councillor quits over transgender women being allowed to use female toilets
(tags: labour transgender toilets )
Hobby Games Top $1.5 Billion - collectible games are half that, role-playing games about 3%
(tags: games business )
MoviePass Goes Black Just Days After Running Out of Cash
(tags: movies business fail )
Labour set to include pilot of radical basic income policy in next manifesto
(tags: Labour GuaranteedIncome )
Writer Greg Pak looks back at the role-playing campaign notes of his thirteen-year-old self, and is surprised at what he finds
(tags: writing roleplaying )
HBO picks up The Time Traveler’s Wife series from Steven Moffat
Season one: a beautifully written, tragic and deeply compelling time travel love story. Season 2 and onwards: the characters go back to all of the times and scenes shown in season one and high-five each other for being so compelling. Each series has a cameo where a steadily increasing number of Steven Moffats high five themselves. (Stolen from Alex)
(tags: StevenMoffat timetravel tv scifi )
Waymo pilot program shows how self-driving cars could work with public transport
(tags: transport cars automation )
Edinburgh named as UK's easiest city for travel 
(tags: Edinburgh transport uk cities )
Men are more attracted to women who are closer to them
(tags: men psychology attraction )
Abusers given power by Britain's outdated benefits system
(tags: uk welfare abuse )
The Science Behind Non-Newtonian Noodles
(tags: physics food china viaFanf )

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Tags: abuse, attraction, automation, business, cars, china, cities, doom, edinburgh, europe, fail, food, games, guaranteedincome, labour, links, men, movies, physics, psychology, roleplaying, scifi, stevenmoffat, timetravel, toilets, transgender, transport, tv, twitter, uk, viafanf, welfare, writing

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