Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 31-07-2018

Germany gripped by #MeTwo racism debate
(tags: racism society germany )
Fear of litigation is a key factor in decision to perform C-sections
(tags: childbirth lawsuit healthcare )
People ask for evidence of Labour antisemitism...
(tags: Labour Jews )
Calls for Corbyn ally on Labour's ruling body to be suspended after claiming antisemitism row was invented by Jewish 'Trump fanatics'
(tags: Jews labour )
Terraforming Mars harder than you'd think
(tags: mars )
Inside the World of Racist Science Fiction
(tags: scifi racism republicans )
Shockingly, people think God looks like they do
(tags: religion psychology )
Rates of Sexual Harassment in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
(tags: harassment women academia science engineering medicine )
I continue to doubt that there ever was a Jesus
(tags: history Jesus religion christianity )
Wanted: more male psychologists
(tags: psychology men )
ArdaCraft - Middle Earth in Minecraft
(tags: Minecraft lotr )
Religious revelation and the origin of Lord of the Rings
(tags: lotr religion history )
Possibly the world's ugliest baby
(tags: sharks theft babies )
An Empire of Stars - How Britain beat the odds to independently achieve space flight, and then abandoned it on the very same day.
(tags: uk space history )

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