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Interesting Links for 28-07-2018

So, What Actually Is Communism Then?
(tags: communism economics society )
Zoo denies painting black stripes on donkey to look like a zebra
(tags: zoo fraud funny )
Chalk under a microscope looks very cool.
(tags: nature photos )
The Flash Gordon movie novelization is entertainment gold.
(tags: scifi books movies funny )
Ban fat-shaming show Insatiable, its critics cry. But none of them have seen it
(tags: tv weight internet viaSwampers )
This is what no-deal Brexit actually looks like
(tags: UK europe )
Why communism is impossible
(tags: communism politics economics )
European Parliament's Brexit Steering Group: No withdrawal agreement without a “backstop” for the Irish border
(tags: europe uk ireland NorthernIreland doom )
Theresa May’s attempt to bypass Brussels in Brexit talks fails as member states line up to back official EU position
Nathalie Loiseau, France’s European affairs minister, said: “There should be no mistake. Michel Barnier does not represent only the Commission. He is the negotiator for the European Union. “He gets his mandate and his guidelines from the heads of state and government. And we have discussed it regularly at the level of ministers. We meet with Michel Barnier on a regular basis. “So do the heads of state and government. So there is no difference between what Michel Barnier says and what we would say individually, each and every member state.”
(tags: UK Europe doom )
The austerity of the coalition government lead directly to Brexit
(tags: austerity uk europe inequality poverty UKIP )
YouTube banning Hobby chemists
(tags: censorship chemistry videos OhForFucksSake )
Law and justice, and divorce: why the Supreme Court has acted unjustly
(tags: divorce law uk )
Canada is using ancestry DNA websites to help it deport people
(tags: immigration genetics canada )
Facebook’s “downvote” system begins rolling out wider in US—here’s how it works
(tags: Facebook discussion )
Behemoth, bully, thief: how the English language is taking over the planet
(tags: language society English history )
‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Announces Cast; Carrie Fisher to Return
(tags: StarWars )
Why spend £1,000 on a smartphone when you could get one for less than £150?
(tags: phones money )
Architect turned cake-maker serves up mouth-watering geometric 3D-printed cakes
(tags: 3dprinting cake food )
Put Your Face in It: How Gaming Helped Me Understand My Dog
(tags: dogs games )
Homeless people make us miss NHS targets, says UK's chief dentist
(tags: teeth UK government homelessness OhForFucksSake )

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