Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Why aren't Brits rioting in the streets about Brexit?

Over on Facebook, Bart asked why British people aren't rioting in the streets at the prospect of No Deal. And I think this boils down to a few reasons.

1) Despite everything, 24% of the population still think No Deal is the best way forward - and another 29% think that some sort of Brexit is worth pursuing. Only 27% of people think that Brexit should be abandoned. (Source)

2) A _lot_ of the Brexiters I see talking about this online are saying that it's all Operation Fear, and that it won't be anywhere near as bad as people are making out. And lots of this is being backed up by politicians saying exactly that, highlighting their own ignorance of things like supply chains every time.

3) A fair number of the remainers I've seen are still hanging onto the hope that the whole Brexit project will collapse under its own weight, and that they just need to hang on until it all goes away. And anyway, No Deal is so awful that _surely_ the government won't let it happen.

So, right now, the prospect of a No Deal feels remote (over six months away) and it's possible to just close your eyes and hope it goes away. It doesn't feel nearly real enough for a significant chunk of the population to start burning buildings to the ground. No doubt if this was France there would already be heads on sticks, but Brits don't tend to go in for that kind of thing. The last time was the Poll Tax Riots, and even those were (fairly) peaceful marches until police charged into the crowds.

Personally, I think that we're going to continue to see a continuation of the slow move towards Remain/Second Referendum, but not enough to cause the government to think again, until something tips the balance. Which might be the government sending advice out to people on how to cope with a No-Deal Brexit. Or it might be the new Daily Mail editor, who is a remainer, starting work in November. But eventually _something_ will trigger a surge, and people will get caught up in it.

If we're lucky, it'll happen in time to prevent rioting in the streets.

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