Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Feedback I just sent John Lewis

I went in to your store last week and tried to buy a baby bouncer. It was out of stock, and I was told I would receive an email when it was back in stock.

I received that email yesterday, phoned today, and paid for it. And was then told I couldn't collect until Wednesday.

Not only that, but the order isn't showing up in my online account.

And when I try to track it via the website, the order number (xxxxxxxx) isn't bringing anything up.

This is a terrible system.

If the item is back in stock, why can't I pick it up today?

And why isn't it showing on my orders in my account?

Update: Turns out there was a misunderstanding. The item wasn't in stock in my local John Lewis, but in their warehouse, and so that's where it's coming from, which is why it's taking extra time.

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