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Zoox Flashes Serious Self-Driving Skills in Chaotic San Francisco
(tags: driving automation sanfrancisco usa )
The European Commission Versus Android (nice explanation of the huge fine, and the changes the EU is demanding)
(tags: europe google )
Theresa May is pushing for No Deal because she's terrified of looking like a Remainer
(tags: UK Europe Conservatives )
Trump threatens to hit all $505bn of Chinese imports with tariffs
(tags: usa trade doom china )
James Gunn Fired From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Over Old Offensive Tweets
And they're not even funny offensive jokes.
(tags: offensive Twitter marvel movies jokes )
Nuclear waste train runs red light in Scotland
(tags: Scotland waste nuclearpower )
Work on NEIL GAIMAN's MIRACLEMAN Resumed For 2019 Release
I read all of the original comics twenty years ago. I'm finally going to get to read the ending, twenty five years after the last issue came out and it got lost in legal hell.
(tags: neilgaiman comics GoodNews )
Israel launches Gaza strikes as soldier dies from gunshot
(tags: Israel palestine OhForFucksSake )
The Octonion Math That Could Underpin Physics
(tags: mathematics physics )
South Park raised a generation of trolls
(tags: SouthPark society )
The ‘monster’ mortgage is back – is it a risk?
(tags: economy mortgages doom )
A few snippets on gender identity in medieval Europe.
(tags: history transgender lgbt )
First Invader Zim movie footage revealed, looks gloriously weird
(tags: animation tv aliens awesome )

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