Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Looking at voting intentions in Scotland

I was looking at this poll for voting in Scotland, and specifically at the differences between Constituency and List votes, and two pairings leaped out at me:

The first number here is the Constituency vote (who you vote to be your local MSP) and the second is your List vote (basically which party you want to represent you in parliament - this is then used to make the results more proportional).

SNP 43% -> 33%
Green 0% -> 11%

Conservatives 24% -> 19%
UKIP 0% -> 5%

Labour 21% -> 21%

LibDem 9% -> 10%

So, basically, Greens are supporting the SNP in the constituency vote, UKIP are supporting the Conservatives, and Labour and Lib Dem are sticking with what they've got.

Which makes sense. Your SNP/Greens are the Independence vote, so of course they stick together. And UKIP are basically the deeply unpleasant wing of the Conservatives.

Still, nice to see it laid out like that.

(I do wonder how the votes would change in an independent Scotland, where people weren't basically responding to the behaviour of the Westminster parties. And there wouldn't be a need for an SNP any more.)

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