Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

What on Earth is Theresa May up to?

So, the government just passed (by three votes*) the Customs Bill with amendments from the ultra-Brexiters which make the Irish Border backstop impossible.

And then she's sending all the MPs home for the summer early - on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the EU's next meeting with the new Brexit Minister will be happening on...Thursday! At which point they will undoubtedly tell them that the Chequers proposal is rampant cakeism, and completely unacceptable.

Which would be entirely obvious to anyone who saw this image back in December**:

So, does she plan to send everyone home and then say "Surprise! Brexit is off!" or to say "Surprise! It's No Deal!" Because I can't see much in-between those things at the moment***. Whichever one it is, there won't be any MPs to hold her to account over it, because they'll all have been packed off on their summer holidays.

Anyone got any predictions for what's next****?

*Made possible by three Labour MPs voting in favour.
**such as the heads of the other EU countries, who entirely approve of it. I recently read something somewhere saying that the worst case for Britain was No Deal, but the worst case for Europe was the Four Freedoms being divided, which tears the EU apart.
***Possibly "Surprise, it's a Canada-style FTA!" - which will still destroy the economy. But with the EU saying that there's no deal without an Irish backstop, and Ireland having a veto there, I can't see how they get to that either.
****Other than "No Deal, followed by mass panic, food shortages, and cannibalism"...

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