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Interesting Links for 16-07-2018

Which way do cities point?
(tags: cities visualisation roads )
Donald Trump Is No Liar
(tags: lies fraud )
Anyone claiming Britain didn't have influence in Europe is, frankly, lying
(tags: Europe uk )
On Preferring A to B, while also preferring B to A
(tags: psychology value economics )
capitalism.png (scroll down for loads of illustrations of how awful America can be)
(tags: capitalism economics usa )
Guess where the oldest university in the world is
(tags: university history )
How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit
(tags: UK Europe Russia fraud bbc epicfail news )
Duncan Jones is making a Rogue Trooper movie
(tags: movies comics war 2000AD )
If you like badly translated subtitles, and you like Star Wars, then the Chinese bootleg is what you want
(tags: China translation fail funny StarWars subtitles )
Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google all donate to deeply unpleasant politicians
(tags: politics money usa OhForFucksSake )
Ireland set to remove oil reserves from Britain as Brexit deadline looms closer
(tags: UK Europe Ireland oil doom )
‘Nazi’ extremist jailed after bomb kit found in Edinburgh flat
(tags: Edinburgh terrorism UK Scotland )
There isn't really time for a referendum on Brexit
(tags: UK Europe law referendum )
'Virtual reality cured my fear of heights'
(tags: vr phobia height )
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Bigger and Mostly Made of Fishing Gear
(tags: waste pacific ocean fish )
Tour de France 2018: Why is there no women's equivalent?
(tags: cycling women france )

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Tags: 2000ad, bbc, capitalism, china, cities, comics, cycling, doom, economics, edinburgh, epicfail, europe, fail, fish, france, fraud, funny, height, history, ireland, law, lies, links, money, movies, news, ocean, ohforfuckssake, oil, pacific, phobia, politics, psychology, referendum, roads, russia, scotland, starwars, subtitles, terrorism, translation, uk, university, usa, value, visualisation, vr, war, waste, women

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