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Interesting Links for 11-07-2018

India breastfeeding magazine cover ignites debate
(tags: breastfeeding india )
Theresa May will be PM til after Brexit
(tags: Conservatives uk politics )
PETA wants staffies added to the Dangerous Dogs Act
(tags: dogs PETA OhForFucksSake )
Picky Refugee Just Expects To Be Reunited With Exact Same Family As Before
(tags: immigration satire )
The U.S. Abortion Debate Isn’t As Partisan As Politicians Make It Seem
(tags: usa abortion )
EU negotiator Michel Barnier says 80% of Brexit deal is agreed
(tags: uk europe thefuture )
Why Russia is far less threatening than it seems
(tags: Russia economics thefuture )
Please don't pirate books before they've even been released!
(tags: books publishing piracy OhForFucksSake viaSwampers )
Psychology, Numeracy and Biases in Brexit Voters
(tags: referendum Europe UK psychology personality )
What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?
(tags: Russia politics usa republicans conspiracy )
Netflix's The Dragon Prince: A New Animated Series From Avatar: The Last Airbender's Head Writer Announced
(tags: Netflix animation )
How peopleare misreading the end of Return of the Jedi
(tags: StarWars )
Brits are a _lot_ more in favour of immigratns than they were five years ago
(tags: immigration polls uk GoodNews )
These Bizarre Glasses Promise to Cure Your Motion Sickness
(tags: sick vision glasses )
Turns out you can fight corruption by informing the populace of their rights
(tags: corruption fraud GoodNews food )
Performing meaningless rituals boosts our self-control through making us feel more self-disciplined
(tags: self-control psychology )
Lesbians have better sex than straight women
(tags: sex lesbians lgbt )

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Tags: abortion, animation, books, breastfeeding, conservatives, conspiracy, corruption, dogs, economics, europe, food, fraud, glasses, goodnews, immigration, india, lesbians, lgbt, links, netflix, ohforfuckssake, personality, peta, piracy, politics, polls, psychology, publishing, referendum, republicans, russia, satire, self-control, sex, sick, starwars, thefuture, uk, usa, viaswampers, vision

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