Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-07-2018

David Davis: In the end, there was nothing behind the swagger
(tags: conservatives UK Europe incompetence )
Mysterious source of illegal ozone-destroying emissions revealed (China's foam industry)
(tags: china environment OhForFucksSake )
Simon Pegg: ‘I was lost, unhappy and an alcoholic’
(tags: acting alcohol geeks )
Conservative Party members favourite choice for next leader is...Rees Mogg.
(tags: doom OhForFucksSake Conservatives )
National Infrastructure Commission tells UK government to back renewables over nuclear
(tags: renewables nuclearpower UK electricity thefuture )
German court issues first GDPR ruling
(tags: privacy europe internet )

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Tags: acting, alcohol, china, conservatives, doom, electricity, environment, europe, geeks, incompetence, internet, links, nuclearpower, ohforfuckssake, privacy, renewables, thefuture, uk

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