Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Brexit and Theresa May: A ray of hope

Interesting thread here. Interesting tweet here.

The thrust of which is that Theresa May has cleared out the major architects of Brexit, by saying "Right, how do we do this?" at Chequers, making it clear that the Hard Brexit types don't have either the concrete plans or the backing to actually pull of Brexit, and then letting them resign rather than sacking them.

This actually strikes me as much more sensible that sacking Boris (which he's been trying to engineer since Brexit), as it means it's his decision to go, and she can't be held responsible for not having the Brexit wing in the cabinet. He was, basically, unsackable, but now she's free to act in a more sensible manner.

As Theresa May was a Remain supporter this is almost certainly a good thing. We're probably still going to have _some_ kind of Brexit, because she always (from my reading) carries out a job, even if she disagrees with it personally. But she'll presumably aim for the smallest Brexit she can manage. Which would have public support, I suspect, as the polls are currently showing a 7% lead for "Brexit was a stupid idea" (47% vs 40% in favour of Brexit).

(I await the announcement, fifteen minutes after I post this, that we're leaving immediately, on No Deal.)

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