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Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 02-07-2018

An old Mitchell and Webb sketch is the cultural comment of our time
(tags: polit history wwii nazis viaKalimac )
Humans are _great_ at inventing reasons for why they do the things they do
(tags: humans relationships hormones )
Genetic ancestry test users 'cherry-pick' which races to identify with
(tags: race genetics )
Open relationships just as satisfying as monogamous ones (around 5% of all relationships)
(tags: relationships psychology happiness polygamy )
The Right to Kill: Should Brazil keep its Amazon tribes from taking the lives of their children?
(tags: children murder Brazil rights )
Opinion polls,and the prospects for a United Ireland
The prospect of Brexit is changing the dynamic on the ground in Northern Ireland. Whitehalls failure to come up with a way of keeping its promises on both Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement is causing huge problems for the UK in negotiations, to the extent that yet another deadline will be…
(tags: ireland NorthernIreland polls )
"The Economics of the Colonial Cringe," about The Economist magazine
(tags: writing UK usa economics society )
Cabin Pressure: The sitcom that broke records
(tags: bbc comedy radio )

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Tags: bbc, brazil, children, comedy, economics, genetics, happiness, history, hormones, humans, ireland, links, murder, nazis, northernireland, polit, polls, polygamy, psychology, race, radio, relationships, rights, society, uk, usa, viakalimac, writing, wwii

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