Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-06-2018

Yup, Sometimes Your Favorite Children's Books are Racist
(tags: racism children books )
It is mistaken to see sexting as simply harmful
(tags: sex society )
They drained a canal in Amsterdam and put everything they found online
(tags: archaeology canal netherlands viaSarah )
How to cope with a relentlessly awful news cycle
(tags: news advice mentalhealth )
Judging formidability from human vocalizations
(tags: humans voice )
Japan's 'Naked Hermit' Pried from Island Utopia After 29 Years
(tags: japan )
The man in charge of policing during the Hillsborough disaster can face trial for the manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 football fans
(tags: football death law uk )
How transgender people are treated in prison
(tags: transgender lgbt prison )

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.
Tags: advice, archaeology, books, canal, children, death, football, humans, japan, law, lgbt, links, mentalhealth, netherlands, news, prison, racism, sex, society, transgender, uk, viasarah, voice

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