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Interesting Links for 26-06-2018

£1.3bn Swansea Bay tidal lagoon electricity project thrown out
(tags: electricity wales ocean )
Die, Die, Die Against Exquisitely Animated Lovecraftian Hordes In Sundered
Just started playing it, and really enjoying it. Can be played in small chunks, which works well with my free time.
(tags: games review )
Six unconventional introductions to economics
(tags: economics )
Trump's Tariffs Are Forcing Harley-Davidson To Move Jobs Overseas
(tags: trade OhForFucksSake usa )
Today's youngsters able to delay gratification longer than those of the 1960s
(tags: self-control psychology children )
Men's testosterone levels largely determined by the environment they grow up in
(tags: testosterone environment men children )
Dislike and dehumanization are not the same thing
(tags: psychology humanity )
No, the Government didn’t just ban transgender people from public bathrooms
(tags: media lgbt transgender uk law )
"I work in Brussels alongside the EU Brexit negotiators and I find it incredible how little the UK government understands"
(tags: uk europe )
The Last Jedi: what would the $200m fan-funded remake look like?
(tags: StarWars diversity satire )
The lead singer of Tool/A Perfect Circle is a rapist
(tags: rape music )
How music lessons can improve language skills
(tags: music language hearing )
You don't need to believe in free will to be a nice person
Dammit, there goes my last excuse to be a bastard
(tags: FreeWill morality )
Baking "Have I Been Pwned?" into Firefox and 1Password
(tags: passwords security )
The AI learning to play DOTA
(tags: games ai )
Why nobody ever wins that car giveaway at the mall
(tags: fraud cars lottery competition )
Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them
(tags: money pay women inequality )
Why One Island Grows 80% of the World's Vanilla
(tags: poverty madagascar food )

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