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Interesting Links for 22-06-2018

Listen and weep: Audiobooks outdo films in emotional engagement
(tags: books emotion tv movies )
How bad could Brexit be, really?
(tags: Europe UK doom )
Famous gorilla Koko who could do sign language has died at the age of 46
(tags: gorillas sign language )
Why Rank-And-File Evangelicals Aren’t Likely To Turn On Trump Over Family Separation - For Now.
(tags: religion usa immigration racism society )
First physiological test for autism has 88% accuracy in second trial
(tags: autism )
The day after: Tory MPs look at the cliff-edge
(tags: politics UK Europe )
Burger Robot Startup Opens First Restaurant
(tags: food automaton )
Immigrant children have been forcibly injected with powerful psychiatric drugs at one of the U.S. government "shelters"
(tags: drugs usa children immigration OhForFucksSake )
Roseanne officially going on without the titular character
(tags: tv funny )
Airbus warns no-deal Brexit could see it leave UK - taking 14,000 jobs with it
(tags: airplanes uk europe jobs business doom )
Guys, guys, I found the very definition of entitlement
(tags: StarWars OhForFucksSake )
Edinburgh trams profits more than £1m above forecast
Considering that it's only half of the line, I'm amazed it's making a profit at all.
(tags: trams edinburgh )
Investigating The Mysterious ‘Jumping Gene’ That Appears 500k Times in Human DNA
(tags: genetics )
Air Force certifies Falcon Heavy, orders satellite launch for 2020
(tags: Spacex )
Eurozone agrees deal to bring Greece out of financial crisis
(tags: Greece debt Europe economy )
Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis
(tags: genetics mentalhealth )
A mechanism behind choosing alcohol over healthy rewards is found (in rats, but probably also humans)
(tags: alcohol brain genetics addiction rats )
Turns out Stephen King is responsible for Donald Trump
(tags: usa politics horror funny stephen_king )
The great irony of Brexit is that it is teaching the UK that it already had the best model: EU membership
(tags: europe uk )
The three legal ways by which Brexit may not take place on 29 March 2019
(tags: uk europe law )

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