Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How diet affects heart failure in men

I'm feeling a bit confused by some reporting - various headlines recently reported that protein was linked to heart disease.

But when you look at the actual research it says:
Those in the highest intake quartile of fermented dairy products had multivariable-adjusted 62% higher risk of HF when compared with the lowest quartile (...) Nonfermented dairy intake had no association with HF risk (...). Intakes of total meat or any meat subtype, fish, eggs, or main vegetable protein sources did not have statistically significant associations with HF risk (...)

And also:
did not observe protein from fish (...) to associate with HF risk. (...) Intakes of meat protein, total meat, or any meat subtype were not associated with HF risk, either

Which indicates to me that the only protein which actually affects heart failure chances is fermented dairy. i.e. cheese, yoghurt, and sour cream.

Am I reading this correctly?

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