Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 06-06-2018

Brexit poll reveals record number of voters think decision to leave EU is wrong
(tags: Europe uk polls )
Lessons learned from running gender bias workshops
(tags: gender bias society work )
Star Wars Actor Kelly Marie Tran Deletes Instagram Amid Harassment
(tags: abuse StarWars racism sexism OhForFucksSake )
Brexit: Pro-EU Labour MPs dismiss Jeremy Corbyn's latest move as 'nowhere near enough'
(tags: UK Europe Labour )
There seems to be lots of confusion about the Gender Recognition Act, the Equality Act and so-called “Self ID”.
(tags: lgbt law transgender equality uk )
I want to play this game a *lot*
(tags: games StarWars music )
A fun/very silly discussion of languages in Lord of the Rings
(tags: lotr language funny )
Scotland to pass gay pardons law
(tags: lgbt law scotland )
Ten things we learned about Scottishness
(tags: Scotland UK polls demographics )
Netherlands to build world's first habitable 3D printed houses
(tags: netherlands 3dprinting housing )
Brexit: EU advises businesses not to use British components because of Theresa May’s plan to leave customs union
(tags: europe uk OhForFucksSake trade )
The Brexit Business Case
(tags: business process UK Europe epicfail )
The Home Office is now demanding DNA tests to avoid deportation
(tags: immigration UK OhForFucksSake )

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