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Interesting Links for 03-06-2018

University union leader pleads for unity amid resignation calls
(tags: unions academia )
Reddit just passed Facebook as #3 most popular website in US
(tags: web facebook Google youtube )
George Osborne’s London Evening Standard sells its editorial independence to Uber, Google and others – for £3 million
(tags: fraud newspapers OhForFucksSake )
Canon has sold its last film camera
(tags: cameras technology history )
Unaffordable Edinburgh risks repeat of London's housing crisis
Maybe we could...Build More Housing???
(tags: Edinburgh housing OhForFucksSake )
Trans activists slam deeply transphobic school resources Crowdfunder
(tags: lgbt OhForFucksSake )
Hope vs horror: HP Lovecraft and Dr Strange: Embracing the Unknown
(tags: marvel hplovecraft horror science )
Industrialists warn May they will not invest if Brexit uncertainty persists
(tags: UK Europe business )
Structural variants in genes associated with human Williams-Beuren syndrome underlie stereotypical hypersociability in domestic dogs
(tags: dogs personality genetics )
UK Brexit paper proposes ‘magic’ Irish border staffed by fairies
(tags: UK Europe Ireland satire )
Belfast's forgotten underground river
(tags: Belfast NorthernIreland rivers history )
Why universal basic income is worth a serious look (by Nicola Sturgeon)
(tags: GuaranteedIncome scotland )
Northern Irish women protesting against anti-abortion laws 'take illegal termination pills in front of police
(tags: robots abortion NorthernIreland )
As Uber and Tesla struggle with driverless cars, Waymo moves forward
(tags: cars automation )
Irish Government gives Theresa May two weeks to solve Border issue
“There’s a new idea or solution being mooted every week,” said a senior Government source, adding that Dublin was only “interested in proposals that are written down”. “On paper like. Or on a screen. We are at legal text stage. We need legal texts to draft and debate.”
(tags: Ireland NorthernIreland OhForFucksSake )
Tales from the far-flung Faroes (way too remote for me, but very scenic)
(tags: denmark ocean life )
New Hybrid Robot Uses Living Muscle Tissue to Move
(tags: organic bodies robots cyborg )
The processed food debate is MSG-sprinkled class war
(tags: food society class uk )
The best explanation I've read about why Northern Rail is completely fucked right now
(tags: trains transport epicfail )
From Hell: Eddie Campbell explains why he’s coloring graphic novel
(tags: comics alanmoore colour murder )

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