Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 28-05-2018

Reminder that Labour blocked extending abortion rights to Northern Ireland so that the DUP would back longer detention without trial
(tags: Labour abortion NorthernIreland DUP )
DUP demands same post-Brexit laws as rest of UK, apart from all the abortion and gay rights stuff
(tags: satire NorthernIreland DUP abortion lgbt )
Interest rates have been declining since the 14th century
(tags: history economics )
Why “children,” not “childs”?
(tags: language history )
What's going on with people who aren't celiac, but can't eat wheat
(tags: wheat gluten celiac FODMAPS food viaFJM )
On being a working class academic
(tags: money academia class )
Ditch Your Scumbag Friend: A Life Hack for Men Who Want to Be Feminists
(tags: feminism men )
What the world's fascination with nüshu, a female-only Chinese script, says about cultural appropriation
(tags: cultural_appropriation China women viaSwampers )
Unifying Theories of Psychedelic Drug Effects
(tags: psychedelics )

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Tags: abortion, academia, celiac, china, class, cultural_appropriation, dup, economics, feminism, fodmaps, food, gluten, history, labour, language, lgbt, links, men, money, northernireland, psychedelics, satire, viafjm, viaswampers, wheat, women

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