Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 21-05-2018

"What I Learned on My Date With a Sex Robot"
(tags: sex robots )
Capitalism and Magic The Gathering
(tags: Capitalism games magic )
Why, if the p-value for a study is 0.04, we can't say the study has a 4% chance of being a false positive
(tags: statistics )
On this day 1943: Should a woman or even a Yorkshireman be allowed to read the BBC news?
(tags: history accents bbc gender )
What is the most sophisticated piece of software/code ever written?
(tags: software nuclearweapons viaSwampers )
Acts versus consent: to what am I allowed to consent?
(tags: sex consent bdsm )

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Tags: accents, bbc, bdsm, capitalism, consent, games, gender, history, links, magic, nuclearweapons, robots, sex, software, statistics, viaswampers

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