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Interesting Links for 20-05-2018

This is the very opposite of my experience with Scrum/Agile. Comes across as both needy and arrogant, and I'd hate to have to work with the person who wrote it.
(tags: development software agile programming )
Estonia To Become The World’s First Free Public Transport Nation
(tags: transport Estonia )
The theocratic democracies of Iran and the UK
(tags: religion iran uk politics government )
Why do LGBT LDs get so annoyed when people say the Lib Dems "acheived equal marriage"?
(tags: libdem marriage lgbt )
Five whys and the cult of the root cause.
(tags: process philosophy learning )
Tomorrow's cities: The park with four seasons under one roof
(tags: cities thefuture nature environment )
Targeting job ads at the CEO of the company you want to work for
(tags: advertising jobs )
The prime minister is boiling the Brexiteer frogs: the water is getting hotter and none of them has jumped out of the pan
(tags: UK europe )
Evidence that drinking baking soda can promote an anti-inflammatory environment
(tags: inflammation )
Tories take four-point lead over Labour in latest survey
(tags: politics polls Labour Conservatives )
The cold war nuclear bomb warmed by chickens
(tags: history nuclearweapons chicken )

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Tags: advertising, agile, chicken, cities, conservatives, development, environment, estonia, europe, government, history, inflammation, iran, jobs, labour, learning, lgbt, libdem, links, marriage, nature, nuclearweapons, philosophy, politics, polls, process, programming, religion, software, thefuture, transport, uk

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