Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-05-2018

Tunnellers hand-dig 90 tonnes of earth from Edinburgh sewer
(tags: edinburgh construction )
Russian fleet hunts British submarine in Mediterranean (a month old, but I missed it at the time)
(tags: russia uk ocean submarine )
What drinks do Jedi like? (A song)
(tags: alcohol StarWars montypython song )
Americans Can't Have Audi's Super Capable Self-Driving System
(tags: automation driving cars )
Inside the biggest comic book collection in the world
(tags: comics )
Trump threatens to use US trade talks to force NHS to pay more for drugs 
(tags: NHS usa medication trade )
As D.I.Y. Gene Editing Gains Popularity, ‘Someone Is Going to Get Hurt’
(tags: genetics )
Police Realizing That SESTA/FOSTA Made Their Jobs Harder; Sex Traffickers Realizing It's Made Their Job Easier
(tags: abuse law usa sexwork OhForFucksSake )
Attentive adults increase children's ability to empathize
(tags: empathy psychology children )
What is the slowest music humanly possible?
(tags: music time video viaSwampers )
Some calories more harmful than others
(tags: food health sugar )
How the two companies which dominate the world of glasses merged into one. "It’s not really bribes; it’s the way it works"
(tags: glasses business )
When you're asked to write software to help kill people
(tags: military software ethics )
White House can’t explain how Chinese financing of Trump-linked project doesn’t violate Constitution
(tags: politics business China usa )
Setting up a social network for sex workers is an incredibly positive step. So, of course, US law makes it incredibly hard
(tags: sexwork viaPatrickHadfield socialnetworking )
Footage emerges of distressing home visit by immigration officers
(tags: immigration uk OhForFucksSake )

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