Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 12-05-2018

School pencil cases banned to stop stigma
(tags: inequality school )
The FBI held a man for 5 months and tried to prosecute him as a “Black Identity Extremist”...because he made anti-cop postings on Facebook and attended a Black Lives Matter rally
(tags: usa racism police )
The Sun seen rotating in stunning satellite timelapse video
(tags: sun video )
Tesla’s giant battery in Australia reduced grid service cost by 90%
(tags: batteries power australia )
What to do with a screaming baby: the history of handbooks on motherhood
(tags: history advice babies mother )
A problem with modern SF/F YA
(tags: scifi teenagers reading )
First, let's fire all the managers.
Or make everyone a manager.
(tags: management business organisation viaFanf )

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Tags: advice, australia, babies, batteries, business, history, inequality, links, management, mother, organisation, police, power, racism, reading, school, scifi, sun, teenagers, usa, viafanf, video

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