Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-05-2018

The vetting files: How the BBC kept out ‘subversives’
(tags: bbc uk surveillance )
Trans Lib Dem candidate called ‘disgusting’ in barrage of Twitter abuse
(tags: twitter abuse lgbt transgender libdem )
Who doesn't want an iron skull with a magnetic demonic beard?
(tags: magnets video awesome )
Behold: The future of my child!
(tags: thefuture babies funny comic )
This is my favourite ever Rube Goldberg machine
(tags: video awesome )
Does growing up poor harm brain development? (A multi million dollar experiment investigates)
(tags: GuaranteedIncome poverty intelligence children )
Trump Isn’t Playing 3D Chess — He’s Playing Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
(tags: games politics )
The battle of the gas-sucking mega giants is set to begin
(tags: gas australia )
Wet wipes could face wipe-out in plastic clean-up
(tags: plastic cleanliness waste )
Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming
(tags: programming mathematics children )
Obamacare Calorie Count Rules Ushered In (I hadn't realised the USA didn't already have these)
(tags: usa food )
Britain's first private police force to go nationwide after success in London's wealthiest neighbourhoods
Of course they aren't actually police - they're a private security firm based on the streets.
(tags: police uk )
The Cyborg Drummer - help an amputee drummer with an experimental robot arm
(tags: cyborg drums music kickstarter viaAlexTFish )

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