Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 03-05-2018

The world's oldest known spider.
I'm glad I read this, even if I do now itch all over
(tags: spiders )
The cards while not be stacked this badly against anyone
(tags: society inequality )
Calls for complete overhaul of 'unfit' inheritance tax system
I always liked the idea of treating or as income, and so subject to income tax
(tags: tax death uk )
'Dirty money': U-turn as Tories back plans to make tax havens transparent
(tags: tax uk )
Even those participants who claimed pop culture is unimportant suffered psychological ill effects from feeling out of the loop
(tags: culture psychology happiness )
Writer Picks Up Poker For Book Stunt, Wins So Much Money That The Book Is On Hold
(tags: poker journalism games viaCipherGoth )
Cheerleaders are taking their teams to court for, basically, pimping them out
(tags: sports usa sex )
Switch for turning off fear found in brains of mice
(tags: fear emotion mice )
Japan: robot dogs get solemn Buddhist send-off at funerals
(tags: robots dogs religion death )

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Tags: culture, death, dogs, emotion, fear, games, happiness, inequality, journalism, links, mice, poker, psychology, religion, robots, sex, society, spiders, sports, tax, uk, usa, viaciphergoth

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