Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 01-05-2018

Games no longer where actors careers go to die
(tags: acting games )
Take Your Tupperware To The Supermarket: Morrisons Unveils Plan Cut Plastic Waste
(tags: food recycling plastic environment )
White Male Workers Respond Poorly To Women And Racial Minorities In Power
(tags: business racism sexism )
How far can you travel in an hour in different European capitals
(tags: cities driving transport visualisation )
Parents may help prep kids for healthier, less violent relationships
(tags: relationships parenting )
Curious children do better in school
(tags: children school success )
A History of What We Do in the Dark
(tags: history darkness )
How a typo helped end World War Two...
(tags: wwii history mistakes )
Cancer researchers need phones to process data
(tags: data cancer phones )
Brexit Breach: Labour Data Was Shared With Leave EU And Cambridge Analytica
(tags: labour data europe )

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Tags: acting, business, cancer, children, cities, darkness, data, driving, environment, europe, food, games, history, labour, links, mistakes, parenting, phones, plastic, racism, recycling, relationships, school, sexism, success, transport, visualisation, wwii
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