Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-04-2018

We Might Finally Know Why Women Get More Migraines Than Men
(tags: migraine estrogen women )
George R.R. Martin announces new book, makes everyone very angry
(tags: GeorgeRRMartin gameofthrones )
Warning signs for TSB's IT meltdown were clear a year ago
(tags: banking epicfail )
Abba announce first new music since 1982, make everyone happy
(tags: music )
On the UK, Europe, the Commonwealth, and historical trade
(tags: Europe uk trade )
Sainsbury's and Asda in merger talks
(tags: uk shopping )
How mirror neurons affect the experience of sports fandom
(tags: sports brain neuroscience )
Mary Beard largely cut from US version of Civilisations
(tags: tv women usa )
No job for a man? Meet the male midwives
(tags: men birth childbirth )
Brexit: Britain set to offer EU immigration deal 'very similar' to free movement
Oh the fury we're going to see!
(tags: uk Europe immigration )
Minimum pricing could see own-brand spirits rise by £3 a bottle
(tags: Scotland alcohol money )
Crackdown plan on Scottish limited partnerships
(tags: Scotland business crime )

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Tags: alcohol, banking, birth, brain, business, childbirth, crime, epicfail, estrogen, europe, gameofthrones, georgerrmartin, immigration, links, men, migraine, money, music, neuroscience, scotland, shopping, sports, trade, tv, uk, usa, women
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