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Interesting Links for 25-04-2018

Nasa scientists baffled by unexplained strange shapes found in the Arctic
(tags: arctic ice weird )
Abolish all bank holidays and let workers choose their time off
This is how my office mostly works. Closed Christmas and New Year, and otherwise I take my days whenever I like.
(tags: holidays uk )
Amazon can now deliver packages to the inside of your car
(tags: cars Amazon delivery )
Autistic? Living in Edinburgh? There's an event on autism awareness you may be interested in
(tags: autism edinburgh media )
How streaming saved the music industry
(tags: music streaming money )
"My wife didn't want to do Maternity pictures. So I did them."
(tags: pregnancy men photos funny viaElfy )
The 3-ladder system of social class in the U.S.
(tags: class usa )
90 percent of all the plastic that reaches the world's oceans gets flushed through just 10 rivers
(tags: plastic ocean environment rivers )
The Ocean Cleanup's Machine Is About to Set Sail
(tags: plastic ocean GoodNews )
In UK universities there is a daily erosion of integrity
(tags: uk academia )
Apple will start paying €13 billion in back taxes to Ireland
(tags: tax ireland apple )
Cognitive behavioral therapy can improve emotion regulation in children with autism
(tags: therapy emotion autism )
Children are as fit as endurance athletes
(tags: children fitness )
Women tend to get less stressed over time.
(tags: women stress age )
Study of long-term heterosexual couples finds women over-estimate and men underestimate their partner’s sexual advances
(tags: sex relationships )

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