Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A lovely day in Burntisland

I went to Burntisland to see Lizzie and Ari (and their daughter Dora) yesterday. The weather was glorious:

I could tell when I'd arrived in the right place by the fluttering of the flag:

(The flag changes regularly, depending on what's going on)

While I was on my way Lizzie had the excellent idea of having a barbecue, so I picked up waaay too much food on the way. Then, while Ari started setting things on fire I walked out onto a promontory and recorded this:

Sorry about the wind noises - the important bits are the view across the Forth to Arthur's Seat, and the headland across the bay, which Jo took me up onto for the first time ever when I visited her last Monday. The view from up _there_ is frankly awesome.

We then ate a bunch of food and chatted, which was remarkably relaxing, before I asked how long the nearby rock was above the tide, and Ari took the opportunity to walk me out to it. I spent half the walk trying to keep my shoes dry before deciding to just take them off and walk barefoot. Which I haven't done in ages, and absolutely loved.

It was while I was skirting a deep bit that I took this photo of Ari. If you look on the right hand side and zoom in just to the left of the rocky outcrop you can see all three of the Forth bridges.

And finally, this shot of Burntisland from the furthest out we got. It was great fun walking back in with the tide chasing us.

We were never in any danger, but I did love that by the end the water was a good foot up to almost my knees. And my trousers, once they dried, had a "high tide" mark on them.

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