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Interesting Links for 09-04-2018

8 tips to help you become more resilient
(tags: emotion advice )
Best Breast Pumps 2018 (mostly saved for later for me)
(tags: breastfeeding Technology review )
The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji
(tags: faeces emoji history )
The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret
(tags: contraception racism sexism OhForFucksSake history usa )
Why did fans leave LiveJournal, and where will they go after Tumblr?
(tags: fandom socialmedia community )
Dark Souls speed run in 55 minutes with no glitches
By comparison it took me a few dozen hours.
(tags: games video impressive )
Publishers Haven't Realized Just How Big a Deal GDPR Is
(tags: privacy europe advertising surveillance )
GDPR Requirements in Plain English
(tags: privacy Europe law surveillance )
Star Wars turns out to still be popular, despite loud whining on the internet about ruined childhoods
(tags: StarWars )
Brexit: Nearly 20 banks have committed to Frankfurt since vote to leave EU
(tags: Germany banking europe )
Childbirth stories are the stuff of life. We should share them
(tags: childbirth birth stories )
The "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trailer actually looks pretty good
(tags: StarWars trailer )
An introduction to cat behaviour for dog owners
(tags: cats dogs behaviour )
I simply don't believe that security on the iPhone works this badly. I assume it's a hoax of some kind.
(tags: security iphone apple wtf )
Content aware scaled cats are delightfully odd
(tags: cats photoshop weird ViaDrCross )
Fear mongering about cell phones and cancer
(tags: phones cancer fraud OhForFucksSake )
The handwriting of Bowie, Cobain, Lennon and more are now downloadable typefaces
Both cool and creepy
(tags: font music viaElfy )
Gut microbes are vulnerable to wide range of drugs
(tags: microbiome drugs )
Does the “Article 50 Challenge” have any merit?
(tags: uk europe law )
Myth busting: Why didn't the Skripals die on the spot?
(tags: poison russia )
Why fat piles on when the body’s daily cycles are in disarray
(tags: fat sleep time hormones stress )
Too many toys stifles toddler creativity
(tags: toys creativity )
GTA 5 Is The Most Profitable Entertainment Title Of All Time, Over 90 Million Units Sold, $6Billion made
(tags: money media games entertainment )
Bacteria found in the small intestines of mice and humans can travel to other organs and trigger an autoimmune response
(tags: immune_system bacteria microbiome )

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