Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 07-04-2018

If men flirted like birds
(tags: birds men relationships funny comic )
Icons Unmasked (What lies behind various iconic characters)
(tags: funny art celebrity character )
From Nazi Germany to Australia: The Incredible True Story of Oskar Speck and History’s Longest Kayak Journey
(tags: Germany Australia history wwii ocean viaSwampers )
Allowing unilateral divorce causes a drop in both domestic violence and women murdered by their partners
(tags: violence divorce law )
What are the psychological effects of losing your religion?
(tags: religion psychology )
A clever nudge to improve diversity
(tags: gender society diversity race )
Food allergy is linked to skin exposure, genetics, and baby wipes
(tags: babies allergies food soap )
The Irish Border - a children's story
(tags: ireland NorthernIreland funny satire uk europe )
Do immigrants lead to crime? A recent study says no.
(tags: immigration crime )
India 'not in a rush' to sign trade deal with Britain
(tags: India UK trade europe )
Genetic link to IBS identified in women
(tags: IBS women genetics )
Scientists can look at your brain and tell how how strong your emotional response to music will be
(tags: music emotion brain )

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Tags: allergies, art, australia, babies, birds, brain, celebrity, character, comic, crime, diversity, divorce, emotion, europe, food, funny, gender, genetics, germany, history, ibs, immigration, india, ireland, law, links, men, music, northernireland, ocean, psychology, race, relationships, religion, satire, soap, society, trade, uk, viaswampers, violence, women, wwii

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