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Interesting Links for 06-04-2018

Unlike rats, humans don't produce new neurons in adulthood
(tags: adult neuroscience neurons brain )
South Korean university boycotted over 'killer robots'
(tags: ai weaponry robots )
Outsourcing your IT continues to be a terrible idea
(tags: outsourcing software )
Giving toddlers a version of the classic Marshmallow Test
(tags: self-control children )
How to Get the Comics Backstory for Avengers: Infinity War for Less Than $20
(tags: comics marvel )
I have totally tried to get this reaction out of Loki. But without this notch success so far.
(tags: babies pregnancy video funny )
Renewable energy generated 104% of Portugal's electricity consumption in March (Scotland lagging at 68%)
(tags: renewables portugal )
Fifty (or Sixty) Years of Processor Development…for This?
(tags: hardware processor history computers )
How Belgium is defeating the gender pay gap
(tags: Belgium pay inequality )
Teen buys every cupcake in shop after customer fat-shames her
(tags: funny fat food )
Humans produce new brain cells throughout their lives
(tags: brains neurons neuroscience viaPatrickHadfield )
Men overestimate their own intelligence and credentials, underestimate the abilities of female colleagues, making women doubt their own abilities
(tags: men women science education OhForFucksSake Intelligence )
Seven-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation
(tags: meditation attention psychology )
The chip credit card transition in the US has been a disaster
Because the USA hates actually regulating things, each part of the system made their own decision, leading to the worst of all possible worlds
(tags: USA banking technology fail OhForFucksSake )
How mice moms' brains are hard-wired to gather young
(tags: brain mother parenting mice )
1,500 UK firms miss deadline to report gender pay gap
(tags: pay gender business UK OhForFucksSake )
PubGrub: Next-Generation Version Solving
This is the kind of math/logic puzzle solving which I find fascinating while also getting a headache from it.
(tags: software algorithms )
Class clowns: Playful boys viewed more negatively than playful girls
(tags: gender school behaviour )
221b Baker Street and the president of Kazakhstan's daughter - London's secret web of property ownership
(tags: London secrecy property money uk )
New Scottish income tax system comes into force
(tags: tax scotland )
Negative life events make men's brains age faster
(tags: aging brain stress )

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