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Interesting Links for 03-04-2018

The simplified history of human history, with the inexorable move from roving band, to tribe, to city, to civilisation, is simply wrong.
(tags: history humans architecture prehistory society sociology agriculture )
Teachers warn of growing poverty crisis in British schools
(tags: UK poverty food OhForFucksSake )
Why autistic people are frequently denied the healthcare they need.
(tags: autism healthcare )
Cars face ban from parts of Edinburgh’s city centre in major shake-up
(tags: edinburgh GoodNews transport cars )
Satellite images from highly oblique angles are pretty mindblowing
(tags: photos space )
Grindr Shares Personal Information (like HIV status) With Third-Parties
(tags: LGBT dating privacy surveillance )
Reaping the wind with the biggest turbines ever made
(tags: windpower )
Sale of ivory to be banned in the UK as part of government plan to help protect elephants
(tags: elephants law uk )
Spaniard raised by wolves disappointed with human life
(tags: wolves humans life viaSwampers spain )
Another nail in the coffin for learning styles
(tags: learningstyles research learning fail )
What's going on with Jeremy Corbyn and Jewdas?
(tags: Jews labour politics )
Personal data has gone from being "the new oil" to "the new uranium"
(tags: data privacy )

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Tags: agriculture, architecture, autism, cars, data, dating, edinburgh, elephants, fail, food, goodnews, healthcare, history, humans, jews, labour, law, learning, learningstyles, lgbt, life, links, ohforfuckssake, photos, politics, poverty, prehistory, privacy, research, society, sociology, space, spain, surveillance, transport, uk, viaswampers, windpower, wolves

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