Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 31-03-2018

A few questions I have about TERF scare tactics
(tags: transgender lgbt )
Wind and solar make more electricity than nuclear for first time in UK
(tags: renewables uk electricity GoodNews )
Coffee sold in California must carry cancer warning
I'm totally in favour of warnings for things that are actually dangerous. But I'd like the added danger to be above, say, 0.1%
(tags: coffee cancer OhForFucksSake )
Poor grades tied to class times that don’t match our biological clocks
(tags: school sleep time )
RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback (I still love Feedly and use it all the time)
(tags: rss news internet )
How referendums break democracies
(tags: referendum democracy voting )
This is why having labels for people can be really important
(tags: sex sexuality categorisation )
Texas woman sentenced to 5 years in prison for voting while on probation. (Go on, guess the colour of her skin)
(tags: voting law Texas usa )
Brexit and Britain’s two-faced ruling class
(tags: UK Europe politics OhForFucksSake )
Creator Of “Ren & Stimpy” Accused Of Preying On Underage Girls Who Wanted Animation Careers
(tags: animation abuse OhForFucksSake )
I Kill Giants director Anders Walter on making a likable fantasy with a hateful protagonist
(tags: fantasy movies children acting )
"The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is Funny. I’m Not Going to Keep Watching."
(tags: TV comedy politics )
Jewish Voice for Peace Horrified By Israeli Response to the Great Return March
(tags: Israel Palestine protests OhForFucksSake )
On the over reading of symbolism into ancient traditions
(tags: history fail myths )

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