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Interesting Links for 25-03-2018

What's going on with bikes and trams in Edinburgh?
(tags: )
Fun swirly dominos video
(tags: )
The mystery of the stalker dental hygienist
(tags: )
Food insecurity is strongly correlated with obesity
(tags: )
Dumbledore: Severus I’m still missing your photo for this year’s faculty newsletter...
(tags: )
Men - when another man is sexist, this is how you respond
(tags: )
On Corbyn and anti-Semitism
(tags: )
Appeals Court Says It's Okay To Copyright An Entire Style Of Music
(tags: )
Man arrested for terror offences after filming police officer's bad parking
(tags: security_theatre OhForFucksSake police uk )
First non-stop scheduled flight from Australia to Britain lands after 17 hours
(tags: UK australia airplanes )
Universal credit to slash benefits for the self-employed
(tags: welfare uk )
How and why to search for young Einstein's
(tags: Intelligence school )
The myth of the male bumbler
(tags: abuse men viaFanf )
The Daily Mail and the Sun are both viewed terribly by British people
(tags: UK DailyMail polls )
Plaid Cymru 'would hold Wales independence referendum'
But support is very low
(tags: Wales independence referendum )
Are You Anti-Semitic? A Handy Guide.
(tags: Jews bigotry )

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