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Technology history meme

As links aren't working right now (Pinboard is having issues with their RSS servers), here's a meme, stolen from a bunch of my friends:

Did you have a cell phone prior to your thirties?
I think I had a Motorola V6000, probably in about 2003, so I would have been 31. I have a vague memory of having one earlier than that, but I can't actually remember what I started with.

Did they exist?
Mobile phone networks have existed since 1981. So anyone born before 1951 (and thus age 67 or younger) had mobile phones around in their 30s.

Did you have cable when you were a little kid?
First time I lived in a place with cable was when I moved to Edinburgh in 2002. (Age 30)

Do you know what 8-track tapes are?
Tapes that could store 8 separate pieces of music in parallell on the same piece of tape. I think. Never used one (and I don't remember seeing one).

How about cassette tapes?
My music collection was mostly on tape before I moved entirely to CDs. I never owned any vinyl that I can remember.

When did you get your first DVD player?
Oooh goodness. I'm not entirely sure. I had a massive VHS collection (hundreds) until I moved to Edinburgh. So probably 2002-ish.

Did you learn to type on a typewriter?
Kinda. My mum is an excellent typist, and I learned a bit when playing with her typewriter. But I mostly learned through programming on a BBC B. When the program won't run unless you get the spelling right that gives you a real incentive.
I learned to type without looking by spending a week deliberately refusing to look at the keyboard. It took about two days before I could type at even 10% of my normal speed, but by the end of a week I was back to full speed.

What was the first computer you owned?
BBC Model B which my dad brought home in 1983. Being able to turn it on in one second and then immediately start feeding commands into it was great. Also: Elite.
Then an Atari ST, which wasn't bad for the time.
Then, when I went to university in 1990 and my parents got me a PC, running Windows 3. And I learned that word processing was _staggeringly_ easier than writing by hand, and that I could actually write _well_ when typing. Whereas I cannot write creatively by hand, it takes up almost all of my brain power managing a pen. And I handwrite about 30 times slower than my brain works, which is beyond frustrating.

What age were you when you first got e-mail?
1990. I think. Sadly, Google Groups, which used to be an excellent resource for tracking down newsgroup posts doesn't work at all for that kind of thing any more.

Was the Internet around when you were a kid?
Yup. If we date the internet from TCP/IP then it's been around since 1982 (obviously ARPANET was around a lot earlier). I didn't get to use the internet myself until I was a student in 1990. I was using telnet back then to talk to Monochrome BBS at City University back then. The web didn't come along for a couple of years though.

When did you start using Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, and Dreamwidth?
Facebook was February 2007, when Ellie got me onto it - it was popular in St Andrews, but hadn't expanded outside of universities much. Twitter was October 2007, and I mostly used it to mirror Facebook. Livejournal was December 2001 when broin got me onto it. Dreamwidth was April 2009.

Before Livejournal I tinkered with DiaryLand, and was active in all sorts of discussion sites, but LJ was my first proper social media.

What was the first printer you owned like?
HP Inkjet, I think. It was awesome, and allowed me to print essays, which the university lecturers found confusing, and weren't sure if they could accept essays produced that way.

Collegiate papers: typewriter or computer?
Hand written to start with. Computer as soon as they'd let me.

How old were you when streaming came into being?
I remember streaming still images in the 90s ;-)

What age were you when you got your first MP3 player?
26, in 1998. It was the MPMan F10, which you can see here. It had 32MB of storage in it, which could store about 8 songs, if they were encoded onto MP3 in sufficiently awful quality. I loved it to bits.

Did you own a record player, cassette player, CD player, or MP3 player as a teen?
I had a tape walkman. Other than that I was dependent on my parents for vinyl and CD playing equipment. MP3s weren't invented until a teensy bit later.

At what age did you start blogging on the Internet?
29-ish (in 2001). Although I wrote a few personal things maybe a year or two earlier.

What age were you when the e-readers came out?
I was 35 in 2007. I remember being excited by them. I got one a few years later, but it wasn't a Kindle (I can't remember the brand). I now have a Nook, which I'm still happy with.

How do you listen to music?
In the shower, using my phone and a bluetooth shower-speaker. In the kitchen, using a Sonos speaker. In the living room, using a Sonos connect plugged into the AV amplifier. In work, using my phone and a cheap set of Skullcandy earbuds. 99% of the time using Spotify.

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