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Interesting Links for 21-03-2018

Researchers showed participants the fictional biographies of two senators, identical except gender. When described as “ambitious” and having “a strong will to power,” the man was more popular. But the same description about woman provoked moral ou
(tags: politics women usa OhForFucksSake )
A Brexit withdrawal agreement in name only
(tags: uk europe )
Toxic management cost award-winning Telltale Game Studios its best developers
(tags: games management OhForFucksSake )
15 Ways Men Can Fight Workplace Gender Bias
(tags: bias work men )
FactCheck: Did the BBC edit a photo of Jeremy Corbyn to make him look close to Russia?
(tags: labour russia bbc funny )
Ricky Gervais is so achingly desperate to offend trans people in new Netflix special that he didn’t bother with much comedy
(tags: transgender comedy review lgbt )
Macular degeneration cured in stem-cell breakthrough
(tags: sight age stem_cells thefuture awesome )
What would constitute 'genuinely affordable home'?
(tags: housing UK epicfail )
If you invented New Orleans nobody would believe the maps were real
(tags: maps new_orleans funny fantasy )
Subsidy-free renewable energy projects set to soar in UK
(tags: renewables uk GoodNews )
There's something delightful about tennis champion Serena Williams discussing Avatar: TLA on Twitter
(tags: )
“Queen & Country” Definitive Edition review (I read the first collection years ago and liked it. This is going on the wish list)
(tags: )
A man has just been convicted of a criminal offence for filming his dog giving Nazi salutes. Please let me try and convince you in a few tweets why this is a bad thing
(tags: )
Settlers of Catan - now available in VR
(tags: )
A Firefox add-on to let you read the FT and WSJ
(tags: )

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Tags: age, awesome, bbc, bias, comedy, epicfail, europe, fantasy, funny, games, goodnews, housing, labour, lgbt, links, management, maps, men, new_orleans, ohforfuckssake, politics, renewables, review, russia, sight, stem_cells, thefuture, transgender, uk, usa, women, work

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