Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Scotland in Snow 2: The Beast From The East comes to Edinburgh

A sequel to this post from, well, just now.

Two weeks after we went to Pitlochry, Scotland got its first ever Red Snow Warning.

This is what Edinburgh looked like the night before the first snow arrived:

And then on the day of first snow, I took this of the castle, from the seventh floor at work:

The next day started off nicely, with great views out to the Pentlands:

And then around midday this happened

Jim was not impressed*

He went out to see what it was like, but lasted about ten seconds after this point

Arthur's Seat looked particularly good

And St Andrews House (seat of the Scottish Government) looked suitably ominous

It all cleared up after a few days, and life resumed. Until Sunday, when a flurry of snow arrived and gave us a good sprinkling. It wasn't enough to stop the city moving, this time around, but it did make it look awfully pretty. This, for instance, from outside our front door

This is The Mound, with art galleries on the right, and the old head office of the Bank of Scotland on the left

The castle, from just West of that spot

And the Royal Scottish Academy from Hanover Street, where I was waiting for a bus

George Street, where I went for shelter, because my bus was delayed by 15 minutes

Arthur's Seat this morning. I love the way the snow traces out the paths. A bit blown out by incredibly bright sun just out of shot

And also with incredibly bright light (my glasses were black when I arrived in work this morning and took about five minutes to return to normal), this was the castle with a bit of snow still left on it

*I really, really need to do a post about Jim. Sorry, I will get around to it.

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