Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-03-2018

Scotland's better off without e-voting
(tags: Scotland voting Technology )
Many of You Are Homesick–For a Place You’ve Never Been
(tags: location emotion )
Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower used to work for Lib Dems and warned them of their 2015 demise
(tags: libdem politics personality uk facebook )
Lead kills one in five Americans
(tags: death lead health )
The Metropolitan Police doesn't understand hate crime
(tags: crime hate uk )
The latest meme type is fantasy painting object labelling. I like it.
(tags: meme art fantasy )
What is the meaning behind the March equilux and equinox?
Only three months until the days get shorter!
(tags: light time date astronomy )
Psychologists have profiled the kind of person who is willing to confront anti-social behaviour
(tags: psychology behaviour society )

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Tags: art, astronomy, behaviour, crime, date, death, emotion, facebook, fantasy, hate, health, lead, libdem, light, links, location, meme, personality, politics, psychology, scotland, society, technology, time, uk, voting

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