Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 18-03-2018

UK sets new wind power record as turbines deliver 14 gigawatts for first time – 37 per cent of nation's electricity
(tags: electricity windpower UK renewables )
Transgender people are born that way, have different brains
(tags: brain transgender lgbt )
Soft drink manufacturers have been removing sugar. Some people aren't happy about it
(tags: sugar tax health uk )
Russian spy poisoning: Novichok expert says non-state actor couldn't carry out attack
(tags: Russia poison )
This Is What The Northern Lights Look Like From Inside a U-2 “Dragon Lady” Spyplane
(tags: auroraborealis space )
Acas conciliators vote for industrial action. WHO WILL MEDIATE?
(tags: unions funny )
New smoke alarm rules to apply to all homes in Scotland
(tags: scotland fire safety )

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Tags: auroraborealis, brain, electricity, fire, funny, health, lgbt, links, poison, renewables, russia, safety, scotland, space, sugar, tax, transgender, uk, unions, windpower

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