Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-03-2018

Sucralose could intensify symptoms in those with Crohn's disease: Promotes 'bad' bacteria and intestinal inflammation; findings may guide dietary habits in human patients -- ScienceDaily
(tags: microbiome health food )
UK planning to basically not bother manning its borders, hope EU does likewise
(tags: borders UK Europe OhForFucksSake )
If other professions interviewed like some of the worst parts of the tech industry
(tags: interviews satire Technology )
How about if before people can comment they have to prove they've read the article
(tags: community discussion Technology )
This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up
(tags: environment photos usa history )
MP's bid to ban unpaid trial shifts fails
(tags: money work UK OhForFucksSake )
Stephen Hawking escapes the physical universe
(tags: obituary StephenHawking physics )
China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains
(tags: transport behaviour China OhForFucksSake )
Infants can't talk, but they know how to reason
(tags: babies Intelligence )
Yes, but how _do_ you kill a tyrannosaur with a sword?
(tags: dinosaurs fighting )
Margaret Atwood says Handmaid's Tale TV show profits went to MGM, not her
(tags: money books scifi )
Romanian court tells man he is not alive
(tags: bureaucracy law life death )
Eleanor Rigby as JRPG Battle Theme
(tags: music beatles games )

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Tags: babies, beatles, behaviour, books, borders, bureaucracy, china, community, death, dinosaurs, discussion, environment, europe, fighting, food, games, health, history, intelligence, interviews, law, life, links, microbiome, money, music, obituary, ohforfuckssake, photos, physics, satire, scifi, stephenhawking, technology, transport, uk, usa, work

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