Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-03-2018

Everything you know about Captain Kirk is wrong
(tags: StarTrek )
UK faces €2 billion EU bill for China fraud
(tags: uk europe china fraud trade )
Combating childhood obesity by preventing 'fatty liver' in fetus
(tags: children diet sugar fat pregnancy )
EU freezes Brexit talks until Britain produces Irish border solution
(tags: europe uk ireland NorthernIreland )
Your Quinoa Habit Really Did Help Peru's Poor. But There's Trouble Ahead
(tags: food peru economics )
On tribalism, and not accepting the report into antisemitism in the Labour Party
(tags: Labour evidence politics Israel Palestine uk )
A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging
(tags: cycling exercise age aging )
Meet the Campaign Connecting Affluent Techies with Progressive Candidates
(tags: politics USA democrats )

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Tags: age, aging, children, china, cycling, democrats, diet, economics, europe, evidence, exercise, fat, food, fraud, ireland, israel, labour, links, northernireland, palestine, peru, politics, pregnancy, startrek, sugar, trade, uk, usa

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